climate strike week - Westside Pest Control

Westside Pest Control is trying something different for #climatestrike week

After recently contributing  $20,000 through the 1% for the Planet program, we want to do more to support our planet!

As a local business here in Vancouver, we realize that it might not be possible to strike on Friday 27th. So, we've come up with a different way to support #climatestrike.

Our motto..

If you can't strike... then donate.

This is what we've decided to do:

On Friday September 27th, any bookings we take from 1pm onwards, we'll be donating all proceeds towards environmental initiatives.

We're hoping we can set an example for other businesses who cannot go on strike, but who want to make a difference.

Call one of the Pest Desk team to make your booking; on 604-559-9060, or email [email protected]

What is the climate emergency?

ClimateStrikeCanada says we are currently facing an existential climate crisis. The continuous burning of fossil fuels since the industrial revolution has resulted in a 260% rise in atmospheric greenhouse gases. This combined with other capitalist practices such as deforestation and industrial agriculture have resulted in more destruction and disruption than our planet has ever seen. Rising sea levels and temperatures, increases in the amount of hurricanes, forest fires, and floods and the onset of the sixth mass extinction are only a few examples.

However, what may be more distressing than these warning signs of catastrophe, is the apathy and inaction from governments and corporations across the globe. The temperature of the world has already increased by 1C since the industrial revolution. In order to spare ourselves from the worst effects of climate change we must not allow it to reach above 1.5C. To reach this goal we would have to reduce emissions by a global average 45% by 2030, and not one country is even close to getting there. Since people in positions of power have failed to adequately address this crisis, we are taking matters into our own hands and demanding action!

You can get involved to.

Make a booking with our Pest Team on Friday September 27th and your money will go towards our 1% for the Planet program contribution. Call 604-559-9060, or email [email protected]

On Monday we'll release a statement with the total amount to be donated.

Here at Westside Pest Control we love the planet and are a proud member and contributor to the 1% for the Planet program, a non-profit organisation dedicated to tackling the long list of global environmental challenges. 

If you didn't hear.. we've just recently donated $20,000 to the planet.

1% for the planet

Vancouver's number 1 pest control company, Westside Pest Control, has made a sizeable donation to help support environmental initiatives. 

“We’re delighted to be able to make this contribution,'' said Westside Pest Control Director Mike Londry. “And we're excited to be part of a global movement of businesses and individuals that share our commitment to protecting the planet.”

Members of 1% for the Planet commit to supporting approved environmental nonprofit partners by donating the equivalent of 1% of sales through a combination of monetary, in-kind, and approved advertising contributions. Nonprofits are approved based on referrals, track record and environmental focus. There are thousands of approved nonprofits worldwide

“Our customers expect us to act as humanely as possible when removing pests and to be environmentally sensitive with pests treatments. That is why we strive to become the most eco-friendly pest control company by using earth-friendly products and nontoxic materials.”

Executive director Devon Page thanks Westside Pest Control by adding, “Your valued gift is already hard at work, helping us continue to strengthen and enforce the laws that safeguard the health of our environment”. 

John Keller, Philanthropy Manager at Ecojustice Vancouver further comments that, “the funding provided by Westside Pest Control will help us continue to fight on your behalf and on behalf of future Canadians towards a cleaner, healthier environment for all.”

About 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. Through our business and individual membership, 1% for the Planet inspires people to support environmental organizations through annual membership and everyday actions. We advise on giving strategies, we certify donations, and we amplify the impact of the network.

Started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, our members have given more than $175 million to environmental nonprofits to date. Today, 1% for the Planet is a network of more than 1,400 member businesses, a new and expanding core of hundreds of individual members, and thousands of nonprofit partners in more than 60 countries. Look for our logo and visit to learn more.