Learn About The Types of Bees In Vancouver

Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets can carry a nasty sting! These stinging insects can be dangerous to people and should not be near your home and family. Bees on the other hand are the world’s most efficient pollinators and are best left alone whenever possible.

Westside Pest Control Ltd. experts technicians share some insights into the life of bees and how you can identify the different types of bees. If you have issues with Bees around your home it’s best to get in touch with a humane pest control company or bee keeper.

Common Types of Bees Seen In Vancouver


Honey Bees

Species: Apis mellifera

Honeybee nests are commonly found in hollows of trees, or in the walls and ceilings of houses.  They nest in empty, enclosed spaces.  Honeybee swarms are something different; when they are not a giant cloud of tens of thousands of bees in the sky, they form clusters that hang from trees or clump onto buildings.  Swarms are not permanent, the bees send scouts to look for new places to live, and generally last a few hours to a few days.



Species: Bombus vosnesenskii, Bombus mixtus 

Bumblebees nests are commonly found in birdhouses, composts, under sheds, and in the insulation of buildings.  Nests are usually covered with insulation or other light material, but when this is removed they can be seen to consist of yellow, bulbous cup-like structures made of wax.  Bumblebees are important native pollinators of flowers and food crops.


Mason Bees

Species: Osmia lignaria

The mason bee are solitary, stingless bees that are excellent pollinators. Mason bee houses are commonly sold at garden shops. Mason bees nest in small tube-like spaces, sometimes nesting in the small gaps between shingle siding of houses.  They are harmless, and cause no damage to structures.  The procedure is to let them be.

Interested In Beekeeping?

Honeybees are extremely important pollinators of food crops, being responsible for the production
of 1/3 of the world’s food crops, making Honeybees a protected species.
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Other Types of Bees Seen in Vancouver

Let’s take a closer look at these pesky flying species so you can identify them and locate the source of infestation:

Leafcutter-Bee-Vancouver Westside Pest ControlSpecies: Megachile sp.

This is a leafcutter bee.  They make small tunnel-like nests with several cells composed of rolled up leaves. Each cell houses a single egg with some pollen and nectar for the developing larva.  They do not aggressively defend their nests.  Occasionally we will receive calls for these solitary bees, but much like mason bees, our advice is to leave them be.

Andrena Bee Vancouver Westside Pest ControlSpecies: Andrena fucata

This is an andrena bee.  We very rarely get calls for these solitary, stingless digger bees, but when we do the bees are nesting in sandy soil, erupting from tiny holes.  As with most bees, their human neighbours perceive them as a potential threat, and think the best thing is to get rid of them.  However, like mason and leafcutter bees, these bees are harmless and are a tremendous benefit to ecosystems.  They are great native pollinators and should be left to live out their life cycles in peace, even welcomed.

The Royal BC Museum reports a recorded 32 species of Bees in British Columbia:

  • Bombus appositus Cresson
  • Bombus auricomus (Robertson)
  • Bombus balteatus Dahlbom B. kirbyellus Curtis
  • Bombus bifarius Cresson
  • Bombus centralis Cresson
  • Bombus fervidus (Fabricius)

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How to tell the difference between a Bees, Wasp and Hornets nest

The first thing to look out for is a grey or brown paper nest. Then you know it’s a wasp or hornet's nest

Wasps Nest in Vancouver
Bees Nest in Vancouver

Honeybees make their nests from wax that they secrete from special glands on their abdomens.  Together they construct layers of hanging combs that are situated vertically.  There are tens of thousands of honeybees per colony and they will almost completely cover the comb.  Whenever you see a huge clump of bees, it is honeybees that you are seeing.  Wasps and bumblebees do not behave in this manner.

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