Mike Londry talks about the increase in rat populations in the Lower Mainland

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control LTD. had the opportunity to speak with Rick Cluff of CBC radio about the increase in rat populations in the Brentwood area in Burnaby. All areas of the Lower Mainland have seen a spike in rat populations in recent years and Burnaby is no exception.

Mike’s interview with Rick starts at 1:22:46 of the attached interview link:

Click here for CBC’s The Early Edition July 23, 2015 or listen with the player below:

Mike Londry Talks About Rats Getting Under Your Hood

Car companies are stepping up and “going green” by using biodegradable components to build their motors. Unfortunately for many car owners this has come at a cost: the expensive repair bill resulting from rodents chewing the wire coatings and other electrical parts under the hood!

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd speaks to Ramina Daya of Global TV about the issue of rats getting under the hood and what preventative measures car owners can take to stop it.

Mike Londry on Global BC about Elementary School Pest Problems

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd speaks to Global BC about the continually increasing rat population in Greater Vancouver. The rats are definitely not going away any time soon! Getting your home or business “rodent proofed” by a professional with a guaranteed service is your best defence! Westside Pest Control Ltd specializes in “rodent proofing” any structure. Contact Westside Pest control for a free quote.

Mike Londry on Breakfast Television with some useful pest control tips

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control spent the morning with the awesome crew at Breakfast Television doing a “live eye” in Richmond BC with almost 10min of coverage. Mike spoke to the Breakfast Television viewers about do-it-yourself chemical-free wasp, fruit fly and ant control as well as do-it-yourself carpenter ant inspections. He also got the chance to touch on good practices in your yard for preventing rats and mice and how to keep them from entering your home.

Thanks again to Breakfast Television!