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Carpenter ants, silverfish…find out what you should know about pests before you build or renovate a home when Westside Pest Control’s Mike Londry joins us in studio.

Check under your hood this winter or it could cost thousands – BC | theweathernetwork.com

Mike Londry or Westside Pest Control speaks to The Weather Network about Vancouver’s rodent issues during the winter months.


How to get rid of ants from your Metro Vancouver house

“You’ve got ants.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Every spring in Metro Vancouver, around this time of year, the six-legged scavengers invade our homes.

The ants are hungry and have a nest full other ants to feed — and your home is full of food..”

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Westside Pest Control Ltd Wins HomeStars Best of Award For 2017

VANCOUVER, February 3, 2017: Westside Pest Control Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with a HomeStars Best of 2017 Award celebrating its commitment to quality work and service. The awards event took place in Vancouver as well as four other major cities across Canada.

“To be recognized with a HomeStars Best of Award is a great accomplishment and we are proud of this honour,” says Mike Londry, Westside Pest Control Ltd. “We always strive to improve our service and hope to win this award again in the years to come.” Read more

Westside Pest Control on CBC Radio

Mike Londry Answers Summer Pest Control Questions on CBC

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control spends half an hour answering callers questions about summer pests on CBC’s BC Almanac. Audio at the 25 min mark of the show.


Best of 2016 HomeStars Award - Pest Control Metro Vancouver, BC - Westside Pest Control

Westside Pest Control Ltd Wins HomeStars Best of Award

VANCOUVER, February 16, 2016: Westside Pest Control Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with a HomeStars Best of 2016 Award celebrating its commitment to quality work and service. The awards event took place in Vancouver as well as four other major cities across Canada. Read more

Rodent Control in Vancouver, BC - Westside Pest Control

Vancouver rat problem keeps pest control companies busy – BC | Globalnews.ca

Mike Londry or Westside Pest Control speaks to global news about Vancouver’s growing rat issue


Useful Tips To Help Spot And Prevent Invading Critters

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control LTD speaks to Rick Cluff of The Early Edition on CBC radio, giving listeners useful tips to help spot and prevent invading critters.

Read the CBC Article here..

Wood Boring Insect Inspection - Westside Pest Control

Powder Post Beetles Found Ruining Structural Integrity of Homes

Westside Pest Control technician Mike Londry recently inspected a home for issues with a wood boring insect. Upon close inspection, the beetles had been slowly compromising the structural integrity of the home for many decades. Read more

Wasp Control Burnaby, BC - Westside Pest Control

Four-foot Wasps Nest found in West Vancouver, BC

2015 has been a great year if you’re a wasp…… Westside Pest Control technician Conrad Lambertus discovered this massive 4 foot yellow jacket nest in the attic of a West Vancouver home August 20th

Win the Battle Against Summer Pests – Video

The experts at Westside Pest Control speak to the viewers of Breakfast Television about how homeowners can best win the battle against summer pests including fruit flies, mosquitoes and wasps.

Mike Londry talks about the increase in rat populations in the Lower Mainland

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control LTD. had the opportunity to speak with Rick Cluff of CBC radio about the increase in rat populations in the Brentwood area in Burnaby. All areas of the Lower Mainland have seen a spike in rat populations in recent years and Burnaby is no exception.

Mike’s interview with Rick starts at 1:22:46 of the attached interview link:

Click here for CBC’s The Early Edition July 23, 2015 or listen with the player below:

Mike Londry Talks About Rats Getting Under Your Hood

Car companies are stepping up and “going green” by using biodegradable components to build their motors. Unfortunately for many car owners this has come at a cost: the expensive repair bill resulting from rodents chewing the wire coatings and other electrical parts under the hood!

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd speaks to Ramina Daya of Global TV about the issue of rats getting under the hood and what preventative measures car owners can take to stop it.

Mike Londry on Global BC about Elementary School Pest Problems

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd speaks to Global BC about the continually increasing rat population in Greater Vancouver. The rats are definitely not going away any time soon! Getting your home or business “rodent proofed” by a professional with a guaranteed service is your best defence! Westside Pest Control Ltd specializes in “rodent proofing” any structure. Contact Westside Pest control for a free quote.

Hanging Out at a Better Business Trade Show

Westside Pest Control hanging out at a Better Business Bureau trade show in Robson Square today. We are proud to have a BBB A+ rating!

The Raccoons Are Back and Looking For Spring Homes

racoon intrusion protection

If it sounds like a person is clomping around in your attic, you likely have raccoons! In the picture above, Brennan of Westside Pest Control secures plastic and wire mesh over an attempted point of entry. The raccoons were not successful but definitely targeted this cedar shake home for it’s aging roof.

To find out more about Westside Pest Control’s raccoon removal and control services, click here.

Mike Londry on Breakfast Television with some useful pest control tips

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control spent the morning with the awesome crew at Breakfast Television doing a “live eye” in Richmond BC with almost 10min of coverage. Mike spoke to the Breakfast Television viewers about do-it-yourself chemical-free wasp, fruit fly and ant control as well as do-it-yourself carpenter ant inspections. He also got the chance to touch on good practices in your yard for preventing rats and mice and how to keep them from entering your home.

Thanks again to Breakfast Television!

Warm Weather Brings Spring Pests Earlier Than Usual

Mike Londry and Westside Pest Control LTD are on the news again, this time about the warm weather we’ve been having and its effect on pests!

Westside Pest has been getting calls for carpenter ants which usually don’t happen for another month or two as well as active, flying wasps in February which Mike Londry says he hasn’t seen before!

Watch the video:

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Mike Londry and Westside Pest On Global BC For YVR Rat Problem

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd. is brought in as a pest control expert to talk about rat problems and the recent increase in rat calls.

Watch the video:

Want to know more? Read the full article here.

Mike Londry Talks About Food Scrap Ban Deterring Rats on News 1130

Vancouver’s food scrap ban should deter rats: expert

Rodents will have a hard time accessing compost bins with lids

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – New rules requiring you to separate your compost from your garbage should decrease in the number of rodents in your yard according to Mike Londry with West Side Pest Control.

He says as long as food scrap bins are contained, the new system will be a big improvement when it comes to keeping rats away. “A lot of people in their backyard are actually using regular composts because they want to do the right thing and compost a lot of their organic waste but with bins they are going to be picked up on a weekly basis and they have lids.”

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Summer Pest Control Solutions on Breakfast Television

We were on Breakfast Television Vancouver again and we discuss some Summer time pest control solutions including wasps, fruit flies, raccoons, pavement ants and carpenter ants. View the video here.

Westside Pest Control on Global News

The Summer of 2013 was a record for wasps in many parts of BC, but wasp numbers are expected to be even higher this year thanks to a hot and dry Spring. Global News covered the story on June 9, 2014 with Mike Londry from Westside Pest Control.

“Having that awesome season last year means that we’re probably going to have a really bad, or good, for the wasp season this year,” said Michael Londry from Westside Pest Control.

“During dry weather you’re just going to see the nest go from to a golf ball or a baseball over a day and then to a volleyball over a long weekend. So you’ll want to just be aware that when you’re barbecuing and hanging out with your glass of wine on the back deck that you might have some visitors.”

Click here to see the full story on Global News.

Cold Temperatures Drive the Critters Inside – Westside Pest on BTV Vancouver

With BTV Vancouver we discuss some preventative methods for cold temperatures as the critters are driven to find a nice warm house to visit. View the video here.

Westside Pest Control Wins HomeStars ‘Best of 2013’ Award!

We are delighted to announce that our company, Westside Pest Control has just won a HomeStars ‘Best of 2013’ Award! This coveted award goes to the one company in each category in our city that earned the highest reputation ranking last year, based on thousands of reviews made by homeowners on the homestars.com website.

These awards began in 2008 to distinguish the very best home improvement companies from the rest. According to HomeStars Founder, Nancy Peterson, “We created the Best of Awards to recognize the best-of-the-best in each category. These awards help us achieve our mission to be the most trusted source for homeowners so they can have the best home improvement experience – before, during and after the work is done.”

A special note to our valued customers: If you took the time in 2013 to write a review on homestars.com about the service we provided you – a big thank you! Because your review helped us win the award. And if you did not write a review yet, it would be greatly appreciated since it helps build our company’s online reputation.

I invite you to see all our homeowner reviews by going to Homestars.com and then typing Westside Pest Control into the search bar at the top of the page.

Thank you!
Mike Londry

Higher temperatures are bringing out the wasps – Westside Pest Control on Global TV

Westside Pest on Global TV

The recent hot spell in September in southern B.C. is a welcome continuation of the fantastic Summer weather greater Vancouver has seen this year. Not only are people happy about the weather, wasps are enjoying the weather too.

The abundance of wasps have had Westside Pest Control running at 150% of normal over the last couple of months. “All of the hot weather we’ve had has just allowed the wasps to thrive.” Mike Londry, owner of Westside Pest Control said. “Wasps need warm weather in order to forage and strengthen their colonies. Without the weather that we’ve had some of the colonies wouldn’t have even survived at all.”

Watch the full video here: B.C. Set to break temperature records in September

Westside Pest on the cover of the Province


Year of the wasp: Yellow jackets spike in numbers as pests scavenge for food

“They’re nasty right now,” said Ryan Dreyer of Westside Pest Control, donning his sting-proof hoodie and screened helmet before tackling a wasp nest in Katherine Burlin’s Point Grey home.

“They’re the scavengers of the bee world — if they see your hamburger, your steak, your fruit, they want it.

“Last year we were getting three to five wasp calls a day — this year it’s eight to 10.”

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Mike Londry talks about the wasp problem in Greater Vancouver on CBC Radio

Listen to Mike Londry talk about the growing wasp issue at this time of year on CBC Radio. Pan ahead to 1:01:45 to listen to his segment.
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Summer do-it-yourself tips from Westside Pest Control


Watch Mike on Breakfast Television

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control demonstrates some of his do-it-yourself pest control tips to Jody Vance of CityTV’s Breakfast Television in Vancouver

do it yourself pest control video



Wasp Pheromone traps

Most people do not like yellow-jackets! Pheromone wasp traps are a natural, chemical-free way to help keep pesky wasps away and can be purchased from many hardware stores or on-line retailers. The traps help keep the wasps from the areas you don’t want them and they also assist in preventing nests from being built.

Follow the instructions on the trap. Most traps require you to cut open the top of the trap and fill with water to the fill line. Then, after looping a string or zap strap through the top, secured the pheromone wasp trap slightly away from your deck, patio or area of choice. The trick is not to attract the wasps to the deck or patio but away from it.

Do-it-yourself wasp trap

Cut the top off a 2 liter plastic pop bottle and fill the bottom half with sugar water or really sweet juice with sugar added (the key is lots of sugar – wasps love anything sweet). Give it a good stir. Then flip the top half of the pop bottle upside down and slide it into the bottom half. If you are going to be setting your wasp trap on a surface, you are ready to go. To hang the wasp trap, use a hole punch or knife and make holes near the top of the bottle that you can feed a string through.

We prefer the pheromone traps because when competing food sources get introduced, the homemade trap might not trump your steak dinner however the pheromone trap still should.


Do-it-yourself ant control: Dish soap and water

What you will need:

  • Empty spray bottle
  • water
  • 2 table spoons of dish soap

This do-it-yourself ant control will provide instant relief.

Ants drag their abdomens on the ground and secrete pheromones when they find food so that others ants will follow. This is why you will rarely see a kitchen full of disoriented, ants running aimlessly in every direction. Instead you are likely to seeing ant congo lines, marching soldiers heading from A to B as efficiently as possible. You can stop ants right in their path by simply spraying the soapy water around door frames. baseboards, window frames, cracks and crevices. It is important to not wipe up the residual after you have sprayed.

This soapy solution is also a great method to keep ants off of berries and other plants in the garden.


Ants do not like cinnamon. Finely ground fresh cloves will work best. It doesn’t need to be applied everywhere you see ants. First, don’t squash them all. Follow the trail to see where they are entering the room, then liberally sprinkle cinnamon around there entry points and areas adjacent – windows sills, door frames and baseboards are common areas to apply. Cinnamon is not a complete fix by any means but sprinkling a little around kitchen and door frames and it will provide some relief from pesky ants and your house will smell pretty good!

Cayenne pepper

Similar application to applying cinnamon – to help keep ants out using cayenne pepper, apply in areas where they are emerging from – often window sills, door frames and baseboards. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper is an irritant to ants, making them stay away. Just be cautious if you have pets – however, household animal sneezing fits do make for good you-tube videos.

Tea kettle

One of the best and oldest tricks for getting rid of ants requires nothing more than boiling water! When pavement ants begin to form sand piles in the yard, on the sidewalk or patio, boiling water is a great way to slow them down! Pour the water directly over the pile of sand. Pavement ant colonies can number 100,000 so although boiling water will slow them down, you will be winning only the battle, not the war.

Caulking gun, caulking and silicone

What you will need:

  • Caulking gun
  • Caulking
  • Silicone (for kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Disposable gloves

Caulking or silicone are effective do-it yourself products for helping to prevent small ants, wood bugs and other insects from entering your home.
Caulking: If you or someone in your household is a bit handy, a little calking applied around door frames, windows or baseboards will help prevent pesky insects from entering your home!

Caulking. There are many types of caulking so take a picture of the areas that you are going to be doing the work and show them to your local hardware store attendant. They should be able to help you match the consistency and colour (if not you can paint over).

If you have nice baseboards and you don’t want to see the caulking a little more work is required to keep the insects out. You will have to remove the baseboards first. Baseboards will usually come off pretty easily – just be cautious not to strip the paint above. Caulking can then be applied in the space between the floor and dry wall where ants and other insects are likely to enter. ”


Cayenne pepper for raccoons

What you will need:

  • Bulk bag of cayenne pepper
  • Empty rosemary shaker (or any shaker with large holes)

Cayenne pepper is a good way to keep raccoons and other unwanted critters away from the house. Save money and buy it in bulk. Sprinkle liberally around garden, planter boxes, patio – wherever they are a nuisance. The reason that this helps is that most animals groom themselves so they will begin to associate your house or property with the unpleasant grooming experience. It is important to start applying as soon as you suspect they are coming around and also to be consistent in re-applying every time it rains. The reason for this, is once visiting your place becomes habitual, no amount of cayenne pepper, music, motion censored lights or sprinklers will keep the raccoons away!”

Silicone dioxide/Diatomaceous earth

“Silicone dioxide or “diatomaceous earth” is made up of very finely crushed crustaceans. It is a very green product because it has no harmful effects on plants of bodies of water. However, these fine particles can be very harsh on the respiratory system. Even though it is promoted as a green product, I would advise caution when applying it (use a dust mask) and caution about applying it indoors or in places where curious pets or children may encounter.”

rodentsRodents (Rats and Mice)

Ultra sonic devices for rodents

As summer comes to an end and we shut down the cabin or close up the shed for the winter, mice and rats are just getting their bags packed and waiting to move in. Ultra sonic devices are good deterrent to keep them out. Ultra sonic devices have become a popular means of helping to prevent rodents and they can be helpful if there are not rodents already present. Rodents are very habitual creatures f the problem has already been established, don’t waste your money on an ultrasonic device, the mice or rats will ignore it.

This is what you will need: (show jar of peanut butter and a snap trap)”


How to get rid of skunk odour

We are all familiar with the unpleasant odour emitted by Pepe. Especially when it comes home on your pet! Getting it off the fur of your golden retriever is not an easy task! However, this formula is hands down better than tomato juice and as good or better than anything you can purchase from the store (I can tell you from personal experience, it works!)

Pour a couple of big globs of dish soap into a bowl. Add equal parts hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Add baking soda last. It will bubble up instantly. Lather into fur, clothes, or directly onto skin. Scrub, rinse and repeat until smell dissipates.

Cockroaches Thriving in Vancouver Sewers

In this video, a Westside Pest Control technician inspects a sewer for cockroach activity in Vancouver. An adjacent steam line running through a trench on the opposite wall has helped create the perfect environment for the insects. Thousands of the cockroaches are thriving in the sewer.

For help with controlling pest problems such as this, don’t hesitate to call our team at Westside Pest Control for fast, effective service. Call us at 604-559-9060.

Mike Londry talks to Riaz on Breakfast Television about Wasp Control

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control showed how he is the “Wasp Terminator” while talking with Riaz Meghji on Breakfast Television on July 4, 2012. Watch the video below to see how you can keep wasps from bugging you in an eco-friendly way.

Mike shows how to do your own wasp control on Breakfast Television in Vancouver

Preventing Pests From Damaging Your Home with Pest Control

Household pests have a knack of residing in homes to satisfy their needs of food, water and shelter. If you do not seek the services of a pest control company in time, pests can cause your home a significant amount of damage. Although you may not feel too concerned about a couple of rodents roaming around your house, it is essential to remember that these pests can mate and multiply rapidly. Many people end up losing a large amount of cash due to the lack of timely treatment of these problems.

Common needs for pest control

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant pest controlAlthough the creatures may look miniscule and insignificant, pests are fully capable of damaging your home devastatingly. Carpenter ants, in particular, are considered one of the most damaging types of pests for homes. These pests, generally known to decompose trees in forests, are often found in homes looking for food and water. Although they do not cause swift damage to your household equipment, these pests can easily cause serious damage to your house with time. Carpenter ants create tiny tunnels in soft wood and reside there effectively. Once they start laying eggs, your house can easily be threatened by an invasion of carpenter ants. It is essential to identify the damage caused by these ants in the early stages and seek the help of pest control services immediately.

Rodents (Mice & Rats)

Rodents and mice are also known to damage homes overwhelmingly. By living off your stored food, these pests are capable of transmitting a number of diseases to your family. In addition, rodents leave waste products and hair on your food that causes severe contamination of the foodstuff. House mice and rodents also have a tendency to make their way through walls and build their nests inside. This causes a significant amount of damage to your walls and the insulation inside these walls. Pest control services offer the benefits of having a rodent-free home to great effect.


Raccoons can also cause a significant amount of damage to homes. With the modern homes featuring innumerable wires and pipes that are hidden in the walls and floors of the house, there is a greater chance of suffering from damage caused by raccoons today. Raccoons can easily climb walls and tear through roofs to find a good residing place. As a result, they can cause serious damage to the pipes and wires that run through walls. Raccoons also find it satisfactory to live in chimneys and get access to food and water easily. Pest control services help you get rid of these pests successfully and ensure that you live your life in a healthy and secure way.

Annoyed by pests? Call Westside Pest Control

Nobody likes to live in a house that is invaded by a number of annoying and noxious pests. Whether your house plays host to hundreds of diminutive ants that are destroying your deluxe furniture or is being damaged by a couple of rodents, pest control services will fully clean and rid your house from these irritating pests and prevent further pests from entering your home. You can easily call upon these services from Westside Pest Control in Vancouver at your leisure and save your family and home from the damage caused by pests.

Mike Londry Explains How-to Rat-proof Your Home

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd. has been busy getting rid of rats in Metro Vancouver homes. Recently, Mike was on CBC News offering tips on how to keep rats out of your homes.

Mike Londry given the Rockingham Engineering Consultant Award

Douglas College honoured its best and brightest entrepreneurs on Oct. 20, during the Self-Employment Program Entrepreneur of the Year Awards held Wednesday, Oct. 20 at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam.

Program co-ordinator Mari-Lou Shoulak presents Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control with the Rockingham Engineering Consultant Award

Full story: Coquitlam Now – Best of budding entrepreneurs honours