Higher temperatures are bringing out the wasps – Westside Pest Control on Global TV

Westside Pest on Global TV

The recent hot spell in September in southern B.C. is a welcome continuation of the fantastic Summer weather greater Vancouver has seen this year. Not only are people happy about the weather, wasps are enjoying the weather too.

The abundance of wasps have had Westside Pest Control running at 150% of normal over the last couple of months. “All of the hot weather we’ve had has just allowed the wasps to thrive.” Mike Londry, owner of Westside Pest Control said. “Wasps need warm weather in order to forage and strengthen their colonies. Without the weather that we’ve had some of the colonies wouldn’t have even survived at all.”

Watch the full video here: B.C. Set to break temperature records in September

Westside Pest on the cover of the Province


Year of the wasp: Yellow jackets spike in numbers as pests scavenge for food

“They’re nasty right now,” said Ryan Dreyer of Westside Pest Control, donning his sting-proof hoodie and screened helmet before tackling a wasp nest in Katherine Burlin’s Point Grey home.

“They’re the scavengers of the bee world — if they see your hamburger, your steak, your fruit, they want it.

“Last year we were getting three to five wasp calls a day — this year it’s eight to 10.”

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Cockroaches Thriving in Vancouver Sewers

In this video, a Westside Pest Control technician inspects a sewer for cockroach activity in Vancouver. An adjacent steam line running through a trench on the opposite wall has helped create the perfect environment for the insects. Thousands of the cockroaches are thriving in the sewer.

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