News Feature – Ratty surprise: CDC warns of unusual, aggressive rodent behaviour

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Ratty surprise: CDC warns of unusual, aggressive rodent behaviour The COVID-19 pandemic has affected North America's rodent population. Featured on Vancouver Is Awesome - May 26, 2020 3:52 PM By: Elana Shepert While there may not be a significant up [...]

WSPC Featured on North Shore News – Rat Problems in Metro Vancouver

By |April 24th, 2020|News, Rats|

"Rodents are very cannibalistic and very territorial. They'll kill each other over a food source" April 24th 2020 - Pest Desk Media Team Posted on The North Shore News | nsnews.com Depending on where you live in Vancouver, you might start to see an u [...]

How To Keep Rats Out Of My Facility

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Your commercial facility is a perfect environment for rodents to thrive. If you are dealing with food products, healthcare, or other warehouse services, you need to have a rodent management program to ensure product safety. Traps or rodenticides? S [...]

How To Tell If I Have Mice Or Rats?

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  The most common breed of mouse in North America is the house mouse. They vary in colour from white to grey, and light brown to black. These critters have a strong sense of hearing and communicates with other mice by squealing — some audible to hu [...]

Basic Mice Removal Tactics

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Basic Mice Removal Tactics Why anyone would want to get rid of a mouse infestation is not a difficult question to answer. They are highly unsanitary, they eat your food, and they give most people the heebie-jeebies. They also reproduce at a rate, s [...]

How To Get Rid of Mice At Work

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How to get rid of mice at work Mice have been labeled a nuisance for most of their existence with us the humans, but if left unattended, mice can become much more than just that. Mice are known for their extremely unhygienic effect upon any environ [...]

How To Get Rid of Mice at Home

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How to get rid of mice at home Mice are nuisance creatures who can cause severe unease for everyone at home. They generally live in the dark areas of your house and come out during the night to dig into any leftover foods scraps. When they do show [...]

Signs That You Have a Mouse Infestation

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How to tell if you have a mouse infestation Mice are known for their extremely unhygienic effect upon any environment that they are found in. They urinate and leave their droppings everywhere for you to see, and it allows for the spread of germs an [...]

5 Best Ways To Catch Mice

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Mice can be a very annoying little roommates that decides to share your living or workspace with you without asking for any consent. Really, they are now pleasant roommate to have. They leave traces of their bad hygiene everywhere in the form of dr [...]

4 tips to prevent a rat infestation in your home

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Warmer winters have led to an increase in rat populations in the Lower Mainland Original content found here: Mike Londry Interview with Rick Cluff Gross! Rat sightings are becoming common across Metro Vancouver as the weather stays warm. (Getty Im [...]

Mice Removal Tips – A Pest Expert’s Guide

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Ah, the mouse. That little button-eyed furball. It lurks in the shadows, sneaking around the kitchen corners, nibbling on those crumbs you forgot to clean up and leaving behind some complimentary proof of a well-enjoyed meal. We’ve all had to encoun [...]

Vancouver declared Canada’s rattiest city

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“Vancouver declared Canada’s rattiest city! Our owner Mike Londry speaks to Breakfast Television on useful tips to identify them and keep them out of your home.” https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/how-to-get-rid-of-rats-in-your-home/ [...]