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Humane Squirrel Removal in Vancouver


Westside Pest Control specializes in humane squirrel removal for residential homes and commercial businesses in Vancouver, BC.

Squirrel Removal Vancouver - Westside Pest Control
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Squirrels Removals

Our trained technicians at Westside Pest Control LTD will inspect the attic and every exterior inch of your home or business. Part of our process always involves entry point exclusion to ensure that all potential access points have been sealed so that the squirrels and other rodents are unable to re-enter the home.

If we are unable to determine if the squirrel is out of the structure, we will install a one-way door (kind of like a cat door) which allows the squirrel(s) to leave but not re-enter. The door is then removed and the access point sealed during our follow-up visit.

Think you have more than one squirrel in your attic? Squirrels breed in the spring and sometimes again in late summer or early fall. Call and speak to us about our humane squirrel removal methods.

Squirrel Removal Metro Vancouver, BC - Westside Pest Control

Squirrels! In Vancouver and The Lower Mainland squirrels prefer tree hollows or better yet, the attic in your home!

Common Types Of Squirrels

B.C. has four species of tree squirrels. They feed on seeds, nuts, acorns, tree buds, berries, leaves and twigs. Squirrels gather and store food for later. They help plant distribution by gathering and planting acorns and nuts.

Let’s take a closer look at the rodents so you can identify them and locate the source of infestation:


 - Native tree squirrels

 - Smaller in size

 - Coniferous forest (not cities)


 - Most common

 - Larger than the native one

 - Black or grey

 - Adapted to the city


 - Nocturnal

 - Common in mature forests

 - Rarely seen

Experts in Squirrel Removal in Vancouver

Keep Them Out! 

How We Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Home 

So the scratching stops. When will it start again? Next month? Next year?

Part of our process always involves closing off all potential access points (Entry Point Exclusion). As much as we would love your future business, our goal is to ensure all potential entry points from the roof to the foundation are sealed so that squirrels and other rodents are unable to re-enter your home or building.

In addition to squirrel removal and prevention, we also specialize in complete clean-ups of the affected area.

Squirrel removal Metro Vancouver, BC - Westside Pest Control
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Tile Roof Exclusion

Tiles are a popular roof choice for many home owners in Metro Vancouver. They are are great for aesthetics, longevity and preventing leaks. Unfortunately, tile roofs are also notorious for providing easy access into homes for rats and squirrels.

The rounded end of tile roofs provide countless potential entry points for rodents. Tiles are usually overhanging gutter lines (or rat and squirrel highways!)

As tiles move, they can be difficult to seal from rats and squirrels. There are often more than 100 points of entry depending the size and design of the house. It can be effectively done however!


Sealing Up Rodent Entry Points

Like mice and rats, squirrels can find there way into homes through cracks and openings that are usually overhanging gutter lines. Here, our technician installs grated covering to block rodent entry points.

Westside Pest Control guarantees the integrity of the hardware we install for 5 years. Call us today for a free quote!


Protective Netting For Soffits

Prevent birds and other wildlife from roosting

Have unwanted pests nesting, roosting or simply hanging out under your soffit overhangs? Westside Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise to keep raccoons, squirrels, birds and other pests away from your structure for good!

Pictured: Pest Control netting installation at home in Vancouver 

Bird Control Installation at home in Vancouver to prevent wildlife from nesting - Westside Pest Control


Our Technicians Removing Squirrels

Westside Pest Control technicians are experienced in handling all kinds of wildlife from Squirrels and Rodents, to Skunks and Raccoons. If you're have a problem with managing a pest problem, please get in touch with us, out technicians are ready to help!

Squirrel in Bird Feeder Vancouver - Westside Pest Control

Bird feeders are wonderful ways to connect with nature. They are also wonderful ways to keep squirrels and rats happily fed. Not all “squirrel proof” feeders actually prevent squirrels from stealing lunch! Birds are very light. Use feeders that disable access when weight is applied to the feeder, as well as extra large domes on top. Also, a small mesh grid pattern is preferred to help deter squirrels and rats from getting the free meal!

Squirrel Removal Vancouver BC - Westside Pest Control

If the squirrels go there, so will our technicians!

Need Help With Squirrel Removal In Vancouver?

After a few simple questions, free estimates can be given over the phone for squirrel removal in Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland. Call the Vancouver Squirrel Control experts now at 604-559-9060 or contact Westside Pest Control by email.

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