Vancouver Termite Control

Westside Pest Control uncovers significant structural damage caused by damped termites in a West Vancouver home. Termites are not a insect to be left unchecked. Westside Pest Control are Vancouver’s termite experts. Call us today for a free estimate 604-559-9060.

Westside Pest Control Termite Control
Westside Pest Control Termite Damage

Dampwood Termite damage on a North Vancouver Home

Drywood Termites discovered by Westside Pest Control technician living aboard a 130 Yacht. The yacht had been delivered from Florida 6 months earlier. These Termites were still very much alive at the time of inspection. Before you spend 10 million dollars on a yacht and have it shipped north…. make sure it is properly inspected! Drywood termites are very likely to inhabit homes and other structures in BC.