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Previously we learned how to identify carpenter ants, now we'll take a look at why homes and buildings in Greater Vancouver get carpenter ants. But first remember that carpenter ants are tricky to control, so if you're unsure what to do give us a call and one our ant control technicians will help you out.

Why We Get Carpenter Ants

In the Vancouver area carpenter ants are completely at home thanks to a wet climate that creates plentiful amounts of dead, wet wood… the kind of material in which carpenter ants like to make their homes. Tree stumps and old, rotting logs are perfect spots for nests, and so are building structures where moisture has been allowed to begin the process of decay that carpenter ants find so appealing.

Damp wood in a home as a result of leaks from poor construction, damage to the structure, or poor maintenance is the perfect habitat for carpenter ants, which are constantly on the lookout for places to raise their young. To get to either, they burrow their way through the damaged wood, and eventually chew through newer, drier wood to get from place to place. In the process, they weaken the wood structure, which could eventually cause it to require significant repairs that will be expensive. In the absolute worst-case scenarios, the building could eventually collapse from the damage, although the likelihood is extremely minimal.

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Wood decay may be caused by exposure to leaks, condensation or poor air circulation. Nests in homes are usually found behind bathroom tiles or around sinks, tubs and showers. Floors under leaking dishwashers create ideal conditions, as do leaks under roofing and in attic beams, or under sub-floor insulation. Hollow spaces such as doors and wall voids are good, and even foam insulation is often used. Carpenter ants will establish satellite nests and not all nests require damp wood. Foam insulation is easy for a carpenter ant to chew through and construct it’s maze of tunnels.

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For home renovations, whats the best way to protect against them?

Well, one of the things is that many Vancouver homes contain rigid insulation. One of the things that's become really common now in new homes and in renovations is spray foam insulation, or rigid insulation. It's great because it keeps the moisture out really well. It keeps your heating bills down, but it creates a wonderful environment for carpenter arts to thrive in. And in turn it's also creates a very challenging environment for pest control companies to treat them once they get inside the walls.

So, to prevent a carpenter ant control company from having to come in and tear down your walls in two years due to a carpenter ant infestation, it's a smart idea, when you're doing renovations to make sure that there's no nests before you insulate.  It's also a good idea treat the wood with a wood preservative before you add rigid insulation or expanding foam insulation.

How often do we have to treat the foam, replace the foam so we know we're keeping them out?

That's again the challenging thing is once it's in there, it's usually good for the life of the house. In this climate that we live in, I'm guessing that in the coming years we're going to have more and more challenging carpenter ant treatments where it doesn't just involve drilling some small holes and injecting the wall voids. It's going to involve some secondary renovations just to treat the issue.

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