Why do we get mice?

In the wild, mice are easy prey and don’t last long. They prefer dark, congested and cozy places to move around, breed and inhabit. Like homes or pipelines, sewers, attics, and garages. Another factor is sustenance. Mice do not venture further away from a place where they are likely to get their hands-on food. Apart from this, some other factors involved are:

The most common breed of mouse in North America is the house mouse. They vary in colour from white to grey, and light brown to black. These critters have a strong sense of hearing and communicates with other mice by squealing — some audible to humans and extends to an ultrasonic range.

Did you know that house mice are known for their quick reproduction? One female house mouse has the ability to produce up to 8 litters per year!

1. Mice Love Warmth

Similar to humans, mice get cold in the winter and seek indoors for shelter and warmth. Mice are also constantly seeking out shelter that can act as a potential nesting site for their young. That's another good excuse to Get Rid Of Them.. before they start to multiple!

2. They're Attracted To Dirty Environments

Dirty and unhygienic places are a mouse’s solace. Areas like backyard huts, messy garages, neglected attics are ideal for attracting a mouse or two. Outside the home, leaf piles, deep mulch, and any other type of debris pile can act as a safe nesting site for a colony. From there, the rodents will then chew through the siding of the home and get inside.

3. Garbage Areas

Trash cans are a feast for mice. Unorganized or stowed away trash outside the house is likely to attract mice and other pests. Mice are scavengers and will invade any home in search of food and a safe place to raise young. If you don't keep your home clean, you sure to have some unwanted guests appear.

4. A Safe-Ground From Predators

Cracks, holes, and damaged walls or floorboards provide entry ways for mice to enter. looking for a secure place from predators, rats and mice can both squeeze into incredibly small spaces to gain entry. Mice aren’t good climbers, so they tend to squeeze through the smallest of spaces. Poorly maintained living spaces are a potential place for mice.

Unkept backyards, trees, and bushes. Mice can climb tree branches towards the house entering through the roof or windows.

Mouse Exterminator Tips - Westside Pest Control

  • Mice have an exceptional sense of smell. This lets them reach into the pantry or sneak into the kitchen where you may have left any edible item out on the counter.

Seen a mouse in the house? If you spot one mouse, the chances are, you have more!! Mice roam in packs! We can help with keeping rodents away from your home at all times of year

So if you find yourself with uninvited guests and need some help, be sure to call the Vancouver Mouse Removal experts.

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