Westside Pest Control team tackles an Umbrella Wasps Nest

Umbrella wasps (also known as European Paper Wasps) love to build multiple open-faced nests on the shelter of a soffit. The nests do not usually get much bigger than a golf ball but will multiply over the summer if left unchecked. Westside Pest Control are Experts at removing Umbrella wasp nests and preventing them from rebuilding.

Umbrella Wasp Nest in Coquitlam BC - Westside Pest Control

Our Wasp Control service can help:

  • Nest Location and Identification
  • Removal of nests in hard to reach areas
  • Protect property so that wasps do not return

Remember, a wasp stinger isn’t like a bee’s stinger; it can do damage more than once, and wasp venom can cause reactions in humans and pets ranging from acute irritation all the way up to hospitalization and death.

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