Mouse in opening of wall

How to tell if you have a mouse infestation

Mice are known for their extremely unhygienic effect upon any environment that they are found in. They urinate and leave their droppings everywhere for you to see, and it allows for the spread of germs and bacteria that can prove to be incredibly harmful for any human or animal.

In addition to hygiene, another danger of mice lies in their procreating habits. Mice are known to settle in one place and breed very rapidly. This means that even if one of two mice are left unattended, chances of a full-blown infestation in your house increase drastically.

This is why it is paramount that this uninvited guest be shown the door as soon as they arrive! If you’re unsure what to do, call the Vancouver Mouse Removal experts.

So how do you recognize if you have a mouse infestation in your home or workplace?

1. Droppings

Mouse are known for the disgusting scenes that they have a tendency to leave behind, which serves as
evidence for their presence. They will leave their droppings all over the place for you to witness if they
are living in the same space as you, which is pretty big finger-pointing in the direction of a mouse

2. The Horrible Smell

Bad smell coming from the walls? We are your rodent control experts for getting the smell and the source of the smell removed from your home as seamlessly as possible. Mice are social creatures, as can be seen from their large colonies, and one of the primary ways that they communicate is through urinating to leave messages. This, while a highly undesirable sight to behold, will be a definite clue that will let you know that you are completely enveloped in a mouse
infestation, and you need to take immediate action against it.

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3. Half-eaten Food or Chewed Packaging 

Mice are attracted by nothing more than a place where they can frequently get access to food, so if you
have a habit of leaving your food unattended then you are at a higher risk of growing a mouse
infestation and because mice like to nibble on your food, the amount they require for that day and leave
the rest behind there is a good chance that finding that evidence will let you know that you are a part of
a much dreaded mouse infestation.

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