A rare.. (and scary) spider spotted in BC, called 'the Pacific folding door spider'

May 5th 2020 - Pest Desk Media Team
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Spotting unique wildlife can be the highlight of taking a walk and the massive spider that Krysten Leigh encountered in Langford, British Columbia will certainly be one that she’ll remember.

The spider was spotted in Langford during the day, which is unusual since this species spends most of its life underground.

Leigh was out on a walk with her dog on April 24 and noticed that he was pulled on his leash in an attempt to inspect something on the ground. When she got a closer look at what captured her dog’s attention she had to do a double-take because she couldn’t believe the “big and thick” spider was real.

“I was so surprised because usually when you see a spider with a big body the legs are kind of thin, but with this one the whole thing was thick” Leigh explained. When she noticed the stripes she realized that it could be an uncommon species, so she took a photo in hopes that it could be identified.

New Spider spotted in British Columbia - Westside Pest Control

The spider that Krysten Leigh encountered on her walk. Credit: Krysten Leigh

Leigh shared the photo to Facebook and the post has since been shared nearly 300 times with many remarking and the unusual and terrifying discovery.

In an interview with Global News, Biologist Claudia Copley, manager of the Royal B.C. Museum’s entomology collection, identified this spider as a Pacific folding door spider. This species is native to the Pacific coast in British Columbia and can live up to 20 years.

Should we be worried?

Typically they aren’t often seen because they live in underground burrows. “They’re ones (spiders) that came with people and like to live where people are and the folding door spider isn’t that kind of spider”, Copley commented.

The arachnid isn’t dangerous either, though it does have a mild venom it uses to stun its prey: generally insects that happen to wander by the burrows.

I just always want to reiterate the spiders are our friends, and this isn’t a dangerous spider,” she said.

“They’re not causing any harm. In fact, they’re doing a lot of good.”

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