Household pests have a knack of residing in homes to satisfy their needs of food, water and shelter. If you do not seek the services of a pest control company in time, pests can cause your home a significant amount of damage. Although you may not feel too concerned about a couple of rodents roaming around your house, it is essential to remember that these pests can mate and multiply rapidly. Many people end up losing a large amount of cash due to the lack of timely treatment of these problems.

Common needs for pest control

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant pest controlAlthough the creatures may look miniscule and insignificant, pests are fully capable of damaging your home devastatingly. Carpenter ants, in particular, are considered one of the most damaging types of pests for homes. These pests, generally known to decompose trees in forests, are often found in homes looking for food and water. Although they do not cause swift damage to your household equipment, these pests can easily cause serious damage to your house with time. Carpenter ants create tiny tunnels in soft wood and reside there effectively. Once they start laying eggs, your house can easily be threatened by an invasion of carpenter ants. It is essential to identify the damage caused by these ants in the early stages and seek the help of pest control services immediately.

Rodents (Mice & Rats)

Rodents and mice are also known to damage homes overwhelmingly. By living off your stored food, these pests are capable of transmitting a number of diseases to your family. In addition, rodents leave waste products and hair on your food that causes severe contamination of the foodstuff. House mice and rodents also have a tendency to make their way through walls and build their nests inside. This causes a significant amount of damage to your walls and the insulation inside these walls. Pest control services offer the benefits of having a rodent-free home to great effect.


Raccoons can also cause a significant amount of damage to homes. With the modern homes featuring innumerable wires and pipes that are hidden in the walls and floors of the house, there is a greater chance of suffering from damage caused by raccoons today. Raccoons can easily climb walls and tear through roofs to find a good residing place. As a result, they can cause serious damage to the pipes and wires that run through walls. Raccoons also find it satisfactory to live in chimneys and get access to food and water easily. Pest control services help you get rid of these pests successfully and ensure that you live your life in a healthy and secure way.

Annoyed by pests? Call Westside Pest Control

Nobody likes to live in a house that is invaded by a number of annoying and noxious pests. Whether your house plays host to hundreds of diminutive ants that are destroying your deluxe furniture or is being damaged by a couple of rodents, pest control services will fully clean and rid your house from these irritating pests and prevent further pests from entering your home. You can easily call upon these services from Westside Pest Control in Vancouver at your leisure and save your family and home from the damage caused by pests.