Ah, the mouse. That little button-eyed furball. It lurks in the shadows, sneaking around the kitchen corners, nibbling on those crumbs you forgot to clean up and leaving behind some complimentary proof of a well-enjoyed meal. We’ve all had to encounter them at least once in a while. Whether it scared the life out of you or awoke the warrior in you, just know that we’ve all been there. It's more of a nuisance than a pest really.

Mouse tunneling through house wall

These aren’t too less of a threat though. For starters, mice are social creatures and urinate to communicate. This can lead to bacteria and germs. They tend to scurry through walls, attics and tend to breed pretty fast so if one or more incidence goes unchecked or not dealt with, chances of an infestation may be highly likely. That’s where the professionals are absolutely required.

Why do we get mice?

In the wild, mice are easy prey and don’t last long. They prefer dark, congested and cozy places to move around, breed and inhabit. Like homes or pipelines, sewers, attics, and garages. Another factor is sustenance. Mice do not venture further away from a place where they are likely to get their hands-on food. Apart from this, some other factors involved are:

  • Dirty and unhygienic places are a mouse's solace. Areas like backyard huts, messy garages, neglected attics are ideal for attracting a mouse or two.
  • Trash cans are a feast for mice. Unorganized or stowed away trash outside the house is likely to attract mice and other pests.
  • Cracks, holes, and damages in the walls or floorboards. Mice aren’t good climbers, so they tend to squeeze through the smallest of spaces. Poorly maintained living spaces are a potential place for mice.
  • Unkempt backyards, trees, and bushes. Mice can climb tree branches towards the house entering through the roof or windows.

Mouse Exterminator Tips - Westside Pest Control

  • Mice have an exceptional sense of smell. This lets them reach into the pantry or sneak into the kitchen where you may have left any edible item out on the counter.

Best mouse removal methods

Not everyone is cut out to get rid of the mouse or any other pests. The first thought is to get professional help and that in its way may either be the first resort for some while a last resort to others. Either way, so save time and dough, one can always try out various effective methods to get rid of a mouse. We’re sharing a few that we think are great.

  • Entry points

Either grab a magnifying glass or use your smartphone’s camera to zoom in, but make sure you spend a good time looking for an entry spot. Cracks, damages, holes anything can be a potential access point. Mice can even squeeze through one-quarter of an inch. Use steel wool or caulk to seal these spots.

  • Use traps

The next best thing is the traps. Whether you prefer the humane nonlethal traps or the ones that are hardcore, there are many to choose from. Easily available at any hardware store, even the conventional snap traps are somewhat effective. To make things interesting, you can get a different type of traps and lay them out at various spots. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when setting up traps.

  • Read the instructions carefully and even ask the store worker to help you understand the working.
  • Use edible items like chocolate, crackers, peanut butter as bait. The strong smell is tempting for the mouse.
  • Place the traps alongside the walls and slightly at a distance from the predicted point of entry so that the mouse runs directly into it.
  • In case of using a nonlethal trap, make sure to check in on the trap every hour or two. Mice are fragile creatures and can die from panic or stress disorders and dehydration.
  • Food storage

Since the initial cause of a mouse was access to food, it is necessary to take preventive measures against that.

  • Use airtight and sealant jars for storing edible items.
  • Remove pet food from the bowls at night.
  • Clean the countertops and sweep the floor so that no food particle remains. Remember even crumbs are enough for mice to feed on.
  • Poison

We know how squeamish many of us get at the thought of how cruel this is. Yet, this is the oldest method in the book. Rodenticides are very commonly available at drug stores and online. Once deciding to use them, you should be very careful in following some of these precautions.

  • Use gloves at all time when handling rodenticide.
  • Make sure the rodenticide is used in live trap/non-lethal trap so that the hazards are contained.
  • Place the trap away from common visible spots. Preferably beneath the sink, behind the refrigerator, etc.
  • Keep the poisoned mousetrap away, well hidden from children or pets. It is extremely dangerous for them.

Mice Exterminator Tips - Westside Pest Control

Mice Removal methods that don’t work

The internet is full of tips and tricks for getting rid of mice. Some of these involve herbal or behavioral methods that are not exactly backed up by any science. These may have worked for some but has not for many. Pest Exterminator experts do not entirely believe them to work.

  • Strong odors: Many claims that peppermint oil is kryptonite for mice. Spray or place cotton dipped in this essential oil and mice will steer clear of that place. Mice have a keen sense of smell yet they have become accustomed to living with humans. They are thought to be just as perceptive as dogs thus can adapt just as quick.
  • Foils: aluminum and other metal foils are thought to throw off a mouse’s sense of navigation. Some suggest lining the floor corners with them.

Pest expert secret tips

It is wise to know how to get a job done yourself; it is wiser to know when to call in a professional pest exterminator to let them do it for you. A few tips are:

  • Use more than just 2 or 3 traps; use a lot to overwhelm them.
  • Do not use scented dish soaps or detergents to clean every bit of the area.
  • Cluttered and neglected storage spaces are prime spots for mice breeding.
  • Place a small and light portion of treat on a snap track for it to work right.