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Spotted mouse droppings at home?

100% poison-free mice prevention

Rodent trapping stations

Entry point exclusions

Full interior and exterior inspection

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It's Rodent season.. and Westside has

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Westside Pest Control are committed to protecting you and your family from rodents using effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions.

Mice Removal

Free your home from mice this fall

Humane removal methods

Seal up common entry points

Set trapping stations

100% poison-free solutions

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Happy Customers

Hired Westside to do a complete sealing up of the roof line and vents from squirrels, patch up openings, and full basement clean up. They were great to work with, always showed up on time and professional and knowledgeable

Darren W, (Google Review)

Two other pest control companies in the past decade have tried unsuccessfully to get rid of rodent infestations into our 1910 house, with very unsatisfactory results using primarily poison. But Westside really stand by their guarantee that they will return until I am satisfied that they have rat-proofed my home and all activity has ceased

Jaspreet B, (Google Review)

Nobody likes a pest – particularly when the pest in question is making your “Home Sweet Home” a living nightmare! So when rodent, wildlife, or insects like wasps or ants are causing you problems, reach out to the trained and experienced pest control experts at Westside Pest Control. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have and help you solve your pest problem!

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for over 13 years

5-2 Warranty – We guarantee the integrity of the hardware we install for 5 years and your structure to be rat free for a minimum of 2 years.

Peace of Mind - Hear scratching after our services are complete? Westside Pest Control stands by it’s guarantee and will send back one of our trained technicians without hassle to provide any additional required services.

Westside Pest Control Guarantee

Rodent Entry Point Exclusion

Sealing up common entry points





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Time To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Rodents

Protect your family from rodents this fall.