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Previously we learned about the carpenter ant basics and how to identify this ant, now we'll take a look at how you can spot carpenter ants in your building.  Remember, carpenter ants are tricky to control, so if you're unsure what to do give us a call and one our ant control technicians will help you out.

How To Spot Carpenter Ants 

Carpenter ants are usually easy to spot when they appear in a home. The structurally damaging insects are unmistakably large and usually black in colour. The challenge sometimes in identifying and locating carpenter ants is that their nests usually reside in exterior walls of a structure, showing no signs on the inside of a home. It’s always best to have a trained eye properly inspect for carpenter ants. Westside Pest Control provides free carpenter ant inspections and quotes for residential and commercial structures.

Ever see bits of sawdust clinging to cobwebs on the side of your house, or resting on the concrete below the fascia?

Well, bits of sawdust-like material are often an indicator of carpenter ants or termites. If it’s from either, it’s called frass, and it’s a surefire tell that one of these two pests has invaded your home. Of the two, the termites are the nastiest when it comes to wrecking your home, but carpenter ants can do significant damage as well if left to their own devices for enough time.

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Where to look for the traces of carpenter ants?

One or two ants in the house during the spring or summer could actually be the sign of a major structural infestation. If you could see them on a regular basis during the spring then it’s time to take action!. Many clients leave the problem overgrow because they can see the ants during the spring but they “disappear” during the summer. The truth is the carpenter ants don’t just “disappear”. Because of the warmer weather, the ants begin foraging outside rather than inside the house but the nest is still active in the exterior walls! So where to look for the traces of carpenter ants?

  • Along the perimeter of the house where siding meets foundation
  • Any kind of house penetration
  • Any kind of structure attached to the house (fence,…)
  • Door and window frames
  • Gutter lines
  • Vegetation touching the house
  • Power lines

In the Vancouver area carpenter ants are completely at home thanks to a wet climate that creates plentiful amounts of dead, wet wood… the kind of material in which carpenter ants like to make their homes. Tree stumps and old, rotting logs are perfect spots for nests, and so are building structures where moisture has been allowed to begin the process of decay that carpenter ants find so appealing.

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