Mouse tunneling through house wall

How to humanely catch mice

Does it bother you that we’re forced to share our living quarters with others despite our reservations? How we fail to communicate our unwelcoming feeling towards them? The added irony may be that this company probably believes our living space is just as much as theirs? Yes, we’re talking about mice. Those button-eyed little furballs. They sneak around the house, in the dark, along those pipeworks causing those awful shuffling noises in the walls, making us regret watching all those horror movies.

Mice may not be as much of a huge problem as compared to others that require pest extermination like rats or those god awful cockroaches. For starters, they're cute they're just as afraid of us as we might be of them. They're nocturnal creatures that are active at night. Maximum damage they can cause is nibbling away at food and leaving behind tiny evidence of a ravaged meal. Yes, we mean poop. Now, no matter how adorable, no one wants them in their house. Nobody would want to wake up in the middle of a night for a snack and run into these furry guys. If you're going to get rid of them but not in that conventional ‘I'll just have to kill you to get rid of you,' we've figured out a few ways on how to get rid of them the humane way.

Why are humane methods important?

All life is precious. That's a belief system a lot of people live by. We understand how some life can cause major inconveniences, but that still does not make it okay to resort to killing. After all, it's their world just as much as it's ours. The law of resource applies to us all. Where there will be sustenance, there shall be life. Can you blame these tiny fellows to wanting access to our pantry?

  • Whether its insects or larger pests or rodents, the idea of ‘killing’ makes many of us uncomfortable. We just do not want that on our conscious. 
  • Furthermore, the majority of the conventional methods of getting rid of mice do not involve instant death. Some of them can cause pain and suffering for hours, days and in case of poison, even weeks.
  • Also, these methods are usually individual targeted. They do not rectify the cause of the problem. A mouse can give birth to an average of 8 litters per year, so we're talking about an infestation. 

Poisons, pest control sprays or seeking professional help may do a quick and effective job, but these will all possibly lead to what we want to avoid here in the first place – killing. 

Mouse Exterminator Tips - Westside Pest Control

Best humane removal methods

  • Entry point

The best way to manage the pest situation is to take the necessary measure to fix the root cause. Few of the things that we can do to prevent mice are:

  • Mice need only a few ounces a day to sustain them. Something as small as crumbles is enough thus, they’re most likely to enter the kitchen. So, make sure you wipe the counters and sweep the floor every night.
  • Mice aren’t great climbers so carefully inspect any holes or damages along the edge of the floor, door, and cabinets. Seal them with steel wool or sheet metal.
  • Check the yard and the fence for any entry points. A hole in the fence, a tree with long branches reaching the house and bushes or unkempt plants along the wall of the house are possible as access points.

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  • Food storage

Mice are likely to remain near a food supply. So it is advisable to:

  • Store all dry and rodent susceptible edible items like bread, crackers, cereal, biscuits in glass or metal jars with tight lids.
  • Stowaway cat/dog food in the bowl for the night.
  • Store cat/dog/bird food in tightly sealed storage boxes and jars. Mice can nibble away at the packaging material easily.
  • Not leave out any edible item on the counter to dry or cool down overnight.
  • Cleanliness

It is an agreeable fact that mice and rodents are attracted to dirty environments. So,

  • Keep your countertops, kitchen floor and sink clean and tidy. Use cleaning utensils or detergents.
  • Clean out your attic, garage, and yard. Highly advisable if you haven’t in a long while.
  • Keep the trash can at a distance from the house. Use metal trashcan and make sure its regularly taken out. Trashcans are like free fiesta for them.
  • Mouse repellant scents

We don’t understand the science behind this, but it works. Mice despise the smell of peppermint. You can get peppermint essential oil from anywhere. Take a few cotton balls and soak them with it and place it around the kitchen or pantry and any possible entry point.

  • Humane Traps

Unlike the other traps, these non-lethal traps are great for capturing mice alive. These are available on Amazon, at hardware stores or can be DIY. Now, these are simple in their purpose but have a complication. These need to be checked hourly at least in case of a trapped mouse. Mice are social creatures and can die of dehydration and stress within a few hours. Once trapped, they need to be released.

  • Release them a 100 yards away from where you caught them.
  • Mice can quickly die without food and water. They don't do well in unchartered territories.

Since you’ve sealed off all possible entry points, do not worry for them returning.

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Pest expert tips

Some additional tips that won't hurt in trying them out are:

  1. Since mice don't get along with peppermint scent, you can clean the workspace with peppermint scented soap or detergent. Or even add a few drops of peppermint oil to your detergent.
  2. Aluminum foil. That’s right. There's something about it that throws off mice in a weird way. They avoid it at all costs. So, storing something with the foil wrap is a sure way of keeping them away.

It is a heartwarming thing to find out that other people care about the sanctity of life just as much as you do. Kudos to you for wanting to figure out a humane way to get rid of mice.

All of these tips are coming from the professionals over at Westside Pest Control, the no1. mouse control company in the lower mainland. If there is a need for professional help with a mice infestation contact one of the team today on 604-559-9060, we would be happy to help.