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In the first section of the Ultimate Guide To Carpenter Ant Removal, we'll look at the make-up of the ant and how we can spot one.

How To Identify Carpenter Ants

In the Vancouver area and the surrounding area carpenter ants are completely at home thanks to a wet climate that creates ideal conditions in homes and other structures. Contradictory to popular belief, most carpenter ants on the west coast do not require a rotten house that is falling to the ground to build their homes in.

Carpenter ants are usually easy to spot when they appear in a home. The structurally damaging insects are unmistakably large usually black in colour. The challenge sometimes in identifying and locating carpenter ants is that their nests usually reside in exterior walls of a structure, showing no signs on the inside of a home. It’s always best to have a trained eye properly inspect for carpenter ants. Westside Pest Control provides free carpenter ant inspections and quotes for residential and commercial structures.


Carpenter Ant - Modoc Carpenter Ant - Vicinus
Colour black reddish-brown and black
Length 6mm-12mm 6mm-12mm


various locations, usually

places with higher humidity

various locations, usually

places with higher humidity

Nest(s) One Parent nest

+ Satellite colonies

Multiple Parent nests

+ Satellite colonies

Queen(s) One Queen Multiple Queens


Ever see bits of sawdust clinging to cobwebs on the side of your house, or resting on the concrete below the fascia?

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Camponotus Vicinus Carpenter Ant

Vicinus is quite common on the North Shore and in the Tri-Cities. This type of carpenter ant can have multiple queens and multiple parent nests. This carpenter ant, distinguished by it’s dark red legs and thorax, is very similar in appearance to it’s more common cousin, Camponotus Modoc. Don’t be fooled, Vicius is far more destructive. If you think you have Camponotus Vicinus Carpenter ants, contact a pest professional immediately. Westside Pest Control does free inspections.

Well, bits of sawdust-like material are often an indicator of carpenter ants or termites. If it’s from either, it’s called frass, and it’s a surefire tell that one of these two pests has invaded your home. Of the two, the termites are the nastiest when it comes to wrecking your home, but carpenter ants can do significant damage as well if left to their own devices for enough time.

Are Carpenter Ants Harmful?

No need to panic, carpenter ants don’t pose a threat, they are not capable of spreading disease. – however, they can still be dangerous. The danger with carpenter ants comes from the fact that they make their nests in wood. If they choose your home for their nest, they can cause serious structural damage.

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