Mouse Control

How to get rid of mice at work

Mice have been labeled a nuisance for most of their existence with us the humans, but if left
unattended, mice can become much more than just that. Mice are known for their extremely unhygienic
effect upon any environment that they are found in. They urinate and leave their droppings everywhere
for you to see, and it allows for the spread of germs and bacteria that can prove to be incredibly harmful
for any humans in their immediate surroundings.

In addition to that, mice breed faster than almost any other mammal, which means that even one or
two cases left unchecked could lead to a dangerously thick infestation in a matter of no time at all.

For all of these reasons, a mouse infestation in your workspace could prove to be incredibly
inconvenient and annoying, to say the least, and must be addressed as soon as it is spotted.
But before we can address the ways to get rid of mice, it’ll help us a lot to understand why we get stuck
with them in the first place.

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Reasons For Mice Infestation In Your Workplace

As you can probably tell from their size and weight, mice are not very high up in the food chain. In the
wild, they are some of the easiest prey that the predators can find, which is why they prefer dark and
closed up places for keeping themselves and their families safe.

Another reason that mice may have found their home in your workplace is food. If mice find any place at
all where they can get their hands of food easily on a daily basis, it is unlikely that they will move away
from that place for a long time, which means that defensive measures on the part of humans become
almost unavoidable.

However, preventive and defensive measures in home and workplace can differ somewhat, so what can
you do to eliminate a mouse infestation in your workplace?

Getting rid of mice in the workplace

1. Cleaning

Mice like nothing more than to find a dirty and completely unhygienic place to settle in. It is their
nirvana. Sadly, this place can often be where you would least want a mouse to be, and that is the
kitchen. So if there is a kitchen in your office, make sure it is cleaned daily to ensure minimum mouse

2. Store away food

As mentioned earlier, mice are more likely to form their nest at a place where they get regular access to
food, so if you want to discourage them, make sure that you cut them off from all access to food. Don't
leave any food on the counter or anywhere else where they might be able to get easy access to it.

3. Find and seal entry points

This solution wastes no time and goes straight to the source. Mice are not the best climbers in the
animal kingdoms, and this is the reason why they choose to squeeze through even the tiniest of holes to
get to where they wish to get. So when searching for an entry point, make sure you check very carefully
along the edge of the floor or maybe on your outdoor fence.

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4. Use Mouse Repellant Scents

Mouse repellant scents are a very real concept, and the most commonly known scent that they choose
to avoid is peppermint. So, if you place a couple sources of it near the entry points, it promises to show
some results.


Although all of these guidelines are totally applicable, there are situations that call for the presence of a professional.

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