Mouse Control
How to get rid of mice at home

Mice are nuisance creatures who can cause severe unease for everyone at home. They generally live in the dark areas of your house and come out during the night to dig into any leftover foods scraps. When they do show their face, they will either leave behind evidence that makes you aware of their existence or if you are fortunate enough, you may even catch them red-handed!

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Dangers of Mice at home

Mice are dangerous for several reasons, but the most obvious one that all of us are aware of some level
is hygiene.

How do mice affect hygiene? The answer lies in one of the most sickening rhymes of all time;
"they communicate when they urinate". This naturally leads to the spread of tons of different harmful
bacteria and germs, which can cause all sorts of problems for anyone living in the household.
In addition to hygiene, another danger of mice lies in their procreating habits. Mice are known to settle
in one place and breed very rapidly. This means that even if one of two mice are left unattended,
chances of a full-blown infestation in your house increase drastically.

Bearing all of these dangers of mice in your surroundings in mind, it is clear that if you spot a mouse in
your house, you need to take immediate action.

So, what can you do to get rid of the mice in your house and protect your loved ones from this minor nuisance that can very easily turn into a major problem?

Getting Rid of Mice With Traps

The mouse trap is one of the most commonly known and used methods for catching and getting rid of
mice. These traps are available in a wide variety. Some of them are made to cater to the needs of the
people who are not comfortable with violence, while others are made for maximum efficiency, meaning
they don't mind using violence as a solution.


When using a trap, always read the instructions and make sure it's properly set up. Place them at points
that provide strategic advantage such as along the walls at the potential point of entry of the mouse.
Use bait items that produce a strong smell to attract the mice.

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Using Poison To Get Rid Of Mice

The second most commonly used method to get rid of mice is rodenticide or simply put poison. While
this makes a particular section of the population rather uncomfortable, it has been proven to be highly
effective in terms of its success rate. These are easy to get your hands on, available in any drug store in your area. You can even purchase it online if you so desire even though that does feel like a bit of a stretch.

Poison, however, is a highly dangerous substance to handle, so here are some tips to keep in mind when
dealing with it.


Make sure that you or anyone handling the poison is wearing rubber gloves at all times. The trap
containing the poison should be a non-lethal trap to ensure containment. Make sure that the trap
containing the poison is not placed in an easily approachable area; hide it behind the sink or the
refrigerator, preferably. It should be placed far away from an area where any kids or pets could
approach it as it could prove disastrous for them.


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