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Previously we learned why we get carpenter ants and what you should do if you find carpenter ants at home. Now Let's explore what steps you can take to eliminate a colony. Remember, carpenter ants are tricky to control, so if you're unsure what to do give us a call and one our ant control technicians will help you out.

How To Eliminate A Colony

In order to eradicate a colony, the primary nest must be detected and destroyed. You can attempt to do this yourself, or hire an expert in Metro Vancouver who knows exactly what to look for, and how to track the nest. It’s not always easy to track the ants back to their nest because they’re usually most active at night, so patience will be your biggest asset once you know what to look for.

Oh, and be careful once you’ve found the nest as carpenter ants can, and will, bite humans if necessary. Biting is a defensive measure, and will only occur if the ants feel their nest and offspring are threatened. The bite can be painful, especially when combined with the formic acid they can spray into the wound to cause a burning sensation. It won’t kill you, but it can really hurt, especially if you end up with more than one bite. If you do happen to be bitten by carpenter ants, wash the wounds with soap and water, then apply a topical antibiotic cream.

Eliminating ants in Vancouver and elsewhere requires pretty much the same strategy. You have to go after the queen, the eggs and the larvae or chances are good you’ll simply exacerbate the problem.

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Carpenter Ant Nest Treatment in a Retaining Wall

One place to start is to eliminate food sources for carpenter ants, in particular aphids. However, the carpenter ant’s “sweet tooth” will take it long distances to find aphids, giant whitefly and scales, so it’s not a highly effective means of control.

There are many products available on the market for eliminating ant colonies; naturally some are more effective than others, and how you tackle the problem will depend on whether you know where the nest is or not.

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Spraying with insecticides or repellents isn’t the most useful way to go as sprayed-on insecticides will only kill the carpenter ants that are exposed to the killing agent, and while you may kill a bunch of them, you actually risk having the queen go into egg-laying overdrive to repopulate the colony, which could well make the original problem bigger than it was. As well, ants can sense most of the chemical repellants, so they simply learn to avoid the deadly toxins. If the spray comes too near the nest, the workers will simply move the eggs to a new location.

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In order to eliminate a nest, therefore, it is best to apply non-repellent borates into the wall cavities that will kill the carpenter ants within seven to 14 days after contact. The non-repellant borates work because the ants can’t detect them, and so carry the chemicals back into the nest to spread their toxicity around. If the wall cavities surrounding the nest have all been injected, then a more toxic treatment can be applied, targeting the nest location(s) only.

Industry experts agree that most over-the-counter options available at your local hardware store are not strong enough to be effective, as their potency is not nearly as harsh as professional-grade products.

Many of the most effective products require a trained technician who is a licensed applicator. Proper care and handling is essential. If you do plan to use retail products, read the instructions carefully and follow all directions exactly. Also, be sure to check whether the product is specifically meant for carpenter ants, as not all ant-killing products are up to the challenge.

To properly and effectively tackle an infestation of carpenter ants, a professional pest control program in Vancouver is essential. Using the right expertise, techniques and products, Westside Pest Control has been successfully eliminating carpenter ants for over 10 years.

It’s important to note that eliminating a carpenter ant colony takes time, and might require more than one visit by a professional exterminator.

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