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Previously in the Ultimate Guide To Fire Ant Control we learned all about fire ants, their nasty sting, and about the most common species here in BC, the European Fire Ant. Now let's look at some simple steps you can take to help stop the spread.

Warning: Fire Ants can be harmful.. and are extremely difficult to control! Proper care is often needed when treating your yard for fire ants. Best to seek expert advice first, or call the ant control professionals to take care of them for you.

How to manage European Fire Ants

There are many effective home remedies for a variety of fire ants. Unfortunately, in Metro Vancouver and the surrounding area, European Fire Ants are the main challenge. European Fire Ants (Myrmica Rubra) typically increase in numbers when faced with most home remedies.

The only method currently recognized by researchers and experienced pest control companies is a domestic grade permethrin insecticide application involving tedious digging, treating, and replacing soil.

Fire Ants Control Metro Vancouver, BC - Westside Pest Control

What can you do?

European fire ants are best prevented by using vigilance when landscaping and gardening. These ants are nearly impossible to prevent as their colonies spread quickly from one property to the next.

1. Turn over rocks and stones frequently.

Fire ants likes areas when moisture can trap, under rocks, in tall grass, and in root wads. 

Rocks and pavers act as heat sinks, keeping a nest warm overnight for quick growth of larvae

When you're gardening take time to comb through areas of tall grass, over turn rocks, and remove loose pieces of wood / play toys that are lying around in your yard.

2. Avoid bringing in any unknown soil

One of the best defenses is to avoid bringing in any unknown soil without having it properly inspected first.

Reports are that some well known garden centers and landscape companies unknowingly sold residents contaminated soil which spread European fire ants to many parts of Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas very quickly. This is likely how they came to be in several lower mainland locations almost simultaneously.

Again, it is imperative to do research before purchasing fill or soil.

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3. Inspections

Inspections are one of the best methods to prevent fire ants. Best to speak with a Ant Control company to help you pinpoint fire ant colonies on an entire property without breaking any soil


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