COVID-19 Update to Pest Control Services

May 21st 2020 - Pest Desk Office team

Thank You

First we would like to thank our wonderful clients, partners, suppliers for being so understanding and accommodating  as we navigate these uncertain times. And to our commercial clients who have their doors closed, stay strong we will get through this together.

The health and well-being of our clients and employees is always our priority, and this is no exception. We really appreciate our clients being maintaining social distancing during our visits to their homes and businesses

We’re all in this together and we’re doing our part to contribute.

Westside Donates 6000 disposable gloves to front line health care

Westside Donates 6000 disposable gloves to front line health care through SafeCare BC

We’re Here To Help 

Pest control is an essential service and we feel it is our duty to continue to provide pest related services across Metro Vancouver. During these times, pests are still a risk to the health and wellbeing of staff and customers, so it’s important both homeowners and businesses continue to get the vital protection they need.

While businesses may stop, it doesn’t mean that pests will! Ants, rodents, and birds can still cause issues…… there are many viruses carried by rodents, birds and other pests equally or more deadly than COVID 19. We are happy to continue to provide effective control methods in the safest way possible.

We’re here and ready to help with whatever pest-related requests you have.

How We Are Adapting Our Services

We have adapted many of our services so that entering your home or business is temporarily or no longer required.

Firstly, our technicians have been donning protective equipment for every client call we attend to help uphold safety. Our PPE includes disposable booties, gloves, respirators or masks. We are staying a minimum of 10 ft. from customers and avoiding contact with any of their possessions.

Secondly, we have incorporated DIY methods into our professional services - our technicians can deliver to your door and from a distance explain how to safely install and apply products.

Thirdly, due to customer requests, we have initiated a new disinfectant clean-up service to help stop the spread of germs at facilities such as restaurants, schools, banks, shopping malls etc. Our team of licensed technicians are proficient spray applicators, thoroughly trained in best practices for health and hygiene.

COVID19 Safety Training - Westside Pest Control Vancouver

Safety training with our pest technicians

Increased Customer Service Hours

Our customer support team is still here help, now with expanded office hours. One of our pest experts is available from 7:30am - 8:30pm to answer your questions on-line or over the phone. Our answering service is also available as always 24/7.

We’re doing everything in our power to help support our clients, which means being pro-active, responsive, accommodating to everyone and above all, safe.

Mike Londry,

Westside Pest Control LTD.
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Coquitlam, BC V3K 5Z6
Main: (604) 559-9060


  • What Pest control services are still ongoing?
    • All pest control services are still ongoing although adjustments have been made to ensure safety.
  • I’m concerned about anyone entering my home right now. Does your pest technician have to come inside?
    • For many pest services, entry into a home or business is not required. We have implemented adjusted service options such as our trained pest professionals doing preventative measures on the exterior of the home and clients safely installing product on the inside of the home.
  • I may have to close my business. Will you still be able to provide service?
    • We are happy to adjust service times to meet your changing needs.
  • Are you planning any changes to my regular residential pest control services?
    • Recurring exterior pest services will not be affected.
  • I’m a new customer. Will you still be able to do my first interior service appointment?
    • Yes, however for the safety of our staff and clients, our technicians will be wearing protective equipment if entering your home is required.
  • Do you offer any flexibility with services rates and scheduling?
    • Wherever possible, flexibility with both service rates and frequency are critical to our businesses and customers.
      • Allowing customers to pause existing service
      • Adjusting their service frequency
      • Accepting e-transfers as an alternate form of payment