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Previously we shared a Pest Experts Guide to Carpenter Ant Removal, now one of our technicians shares an on the job insight! Remember, carpenter ants are tricky to control, so if you're unsure what to do give us a call and one our ant control technicians will help you out.

Expert Tip

Another way to prevent ants from coming near your home is to give them no excuse to do so. Carpenter ants love sweet stuff, and have a real knack for finding it. Clematis vines are really nice when they flower in the summer time but they provide a favourite tasty treat for carpenter ants, high in carbohydrates. We do not suggest you dig up the whole garden, plants and insects are very important! However, to keep insects such as carpenter ants at a distance from your home, you should also keep the food sources a short distance from the home – even if it just means the vegetation is not in direct contact with the foundation or siding.

If you begin to notice lots of ants around your home, and you’re wondering whether they’re going to be a problem to the building, the first step is to identify whether they’re carpenter ants or another less destructive cousin. In Metro Vancouver there are two main species of carpenter ant, the all-black Camponotus modoc, and the reddish-brown and black Camponotus vicinus. Carpenter ants are larger than sidewalk ants, growing up to half an inch long. The queen ant is easily identifiable because she is bigger – up to almost an inch long.

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Westside Pest Control is the no1. Ant Control company in the lower mainland. In addition to carpenter ants, we also treat for Fire Ants and Pavement Ants. If there is a need for professional help with an infestation contact of of the team today on 604-559-9060, we would be happy to help.