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Home Renovations & Pests

http://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/home-renovations-pests/ Carpenter ants, silverfish…find out what you should know about pests before you build or renovate a home when Westside Pest Control’s Mike Londry joins us in studio.

Mike Londry Talks About Rats Getting Under Your Hood

Car companies are stepping up and “going green” by using biodegradable components to build their motors. Unfortunately for many car owners this has come at a cost: the expensive repair bill resulting from rodents chewing the wire coatings and other electrical parts under the hood! Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd speaks to Ramina […]

Mike Londry on Global BC about Elementary School Pest Problems

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control Ltd speaks to Global BC about the continually increasing rat population in Greater Vancouver. The rats are definitely not going away any time soon! Getting your home or business “rodent proofed” by a professional with a guaranteed service is your best defence! Westside Pest Control Ltd specializes in “rodent […]

The Raccoons Are Back and Looking For Spring Homes

If it sounds like a person is clomping around in your attic, you likely have raccoons! In the picture above, Brennan of Westside Pest Control secures plastic and wire mesh over an attempted point of entry. The raccoons were not successful but definitely targeted this cedar shake home for it’s aging roof. To find out […]

Mike Londry on Breakfast Television with some useful pest control tips

Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control spent the morning with the awesome crew at Breakfast Television doing a “live eye” in Richmond BC with almost 10min of coverage. Mike spoke to the Breakfast Television viewers about do-it-yourself chemical-free wasp, fruit fly and ant control as well as do-it-yourself carpenter ant inspections. He also got the chance to touch […]

Warm Weather Brings Spring Pests Earlier Than Usual

Mike Londry and Westside Pest Control LTD are on the news again, this time about the warm weather we’ve been having and its effect on pests! Westside Pest has been getting calls for carpenter ants which usually don’t happen for another month or two as well as active, flying wasps in February which Mike Londry says he […]

Westside Pest Control on Global News

The Summer of 2013 was a record for wasps in many parts of BC, but wasp numbers are expected to be even higher this year thanks to a hot and dry Spring. Global News covered the story on June 9, 2014 with Mike Londry from Westside Pest Control. “Having that awesome season last year means […]

Westside Pest Control Wins HomeStars ‘Best of 2013’ Award!

We are delighted to announce that our company, Westside Pest Control has just won a HomeStars ‘Best of 2013’ Award! This coveted award goes to the one company in each category in our city that earned the highest reputation ranking last year, based on thousands of reviews made by homeowners on the homestars.com website. These […]

Westside Pest on the cover of the Province

By Ian Austin, THE PROVINCE Year of the wasp: Yellow jackets spike in numbers as pests scavenge for food “They’re nasty right now,” said Ryan Dreyer of Westside Pest Control, donning his sting-proof hoodie and screened helmet before tackling a wasp nest in Katherine Burlin’s Point Grey home. “They’re the scavengers of the bee world […]

Summer do-it-yourself tips from Westside Pest Control

Watch Mike on Breakfast Television Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control demonstrates some of his do-it-yourself pest control tips to Jody Vance of CityTV’s Breakfast Television in Vancouver Wasps Wasp Pheromone traps Most people do not like yellow-jackets! Pheromone wasp traps are a natural, chemical-free way to help keep pesky wasps away and can be […]

Cockroaches Thriving in Vancouver Sewers

In this video, a Westside Pest Control technician inspects a sewer for cockroach activity in Vancouver. An adjacent steam line running through a trench on the opposite wall has helped create the perfect environment for the insects. Thousands of the cockroaches are thriving in the sewer. For help with controlling pest problems such as this, […]

Mike Londry given the Rockingham Engineering Consultant Award

Douglas College honoured its best and brightest entrepreneurs on Oct. 20, during the Self-Employment Program Entrepreneur of the Year Awards held Wednesday, Oct. 20 at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam. Program co-ordinator Mari-Lou Shoulak presents Mike Londry of Westside Pest Control with the Rockingham Engineering Consultant Award Full story: Coquitlam Now – Best of […]