Mouse tunneling through house wall

Mice can be a very annoying little roommates that decides to share your living or workspace with you
without asking for any consent. Really, they are now pleasant roommate to have. They leave traces of
their bad hygiene everywhere in the form of droppings and pose a threat to your health in
doing so. This is why it is paramount that this uninvited guest be shown the door as soon
as they arrive! If you're unsure what to do, call the Vancouver Mouse Removal experts.

But how may that be accomplished? Here are 5 of the best ways.

1. Create a Clean Environment

A clean environment is the best way to keep the mice away. Be sure to close cabinets and seal all food sources. Mice are most likely to form their homes in the most disgusting of places. The dirtier the place is, the more easily they will blend in. So wherever you may be experiencing an infestation, a good idea would be to check if the cleanliness situation of the place can be addressed in some small or perhaps big way.

2. Traps

Mousetraps are hardly unheard of; these range from some of the more violent ones, such as the snap
traps and also to more friendly ones that allow you to trap a mouse alive. However, if you do decide to
use the non-violent ones and capture it alive, make sure that you check the trap every hour or so
because mice are actually so fragile in nature that even panic and stress can kill them. Once caught,
make sure you release them in an area that is at least a hundred yards away from your house or
workplace wherever the infestation may be occurring.

3. Seal entry points

Mice are known to be poor climbers; hence, you need to look for even the smallest entry points because
to make up for the poor climbing, they choose to enter their targeted location through any entry they
can find, even significantly small ones.

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4. Food storage

Mouse infestation most commonly happens due to food. Mice will stay anywhere as long as the place
provides them with easy access to food every day, so the right choice would be to store your food in a
place where it is inaccessible to them.

5. Poison - NOT recommended, but sometimes effective

Mouse poison is quick and effective, but using poisons to kill mouse requires a lot of care and attention. You want to know exactly what type of poison you’re using as well as how it works for best results. It may be cruel, but the fact of the matter is that this works and has a decent success rate. It is best to use rodenticides in non-lethal traps and be very careful when handling it. Best to not let children and pets anywhere near it either.

WARNING: If you have young children of pest, you should NOT use poison to catch mice

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