Spider Control in Surrey BC

Spiders…. not everyone’s favorite insect….

Westside Pest Control Ltd. specializes in structural spider treatments that will keep the spiders happy in the garden where they can do all kinds of good but away from the structure of your home or business.

What do we do?

Westside Pest Control’s spider treatments are thorough. We knock down every visible spider web on the structure and treat every corner and crevice on all levels where spiders love to build their nests. Our technicians use a pin stream application tool to reach high-up downspouts and window frames. We also crawl below the stairs decks to make sure no spider or it’s web is missed!

When to treat?

There are two optimal times of year to treat spiders: Mid-June just before Spiders lay their eggs and early September when spider eggs hatch and webs start to appear everywhere!

Do we treat spiders indoors?

Yes we do. The outdoor portion of the treatment is going to make the biggest overall difference indoors and out however for people who really can’t stand having spiders in the house, an indoor treatment is going to make a very noticeable difference.

How successful are the treatments:

Westside Pest Control’s trained and certified technicians take genuine care in every service they provide. Our treatments are going to make a 90% or better improvement in the number of spiders on and in the structure. Spiders only lay their eggs and hatch from them once a year so getting a treatment done means a huge knockdown the number of spiders you will see for many months to come!

Do I need to leave the house?

Westside Pest Control technicians are trained to provide safe Spider Treatments for all occupants. For outdoor spider treatments only, you can remain in the house during the treatment. We recommend that you keep windows and doors shut and pets inside until the technician has completed spraying and for 30 min after.

For indoor treatments, required vacate time is 6 hours for all people and pets. We do recommend (however not required) that expectant moms, children under 2, cats, birds & reptiles remain out for 24 hrs. Fish should have the filter on the tank switched off for at least 6 hrs. Your safety is our #1 concern.